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Curtin University
C-MARC: Curtin Monash Accident Research Centre

About C-MARC

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Where We Are

C-MARC is located at 7 Parker Place, Technology Park, Bentley (Building 609) - [click here for a map]

What Is C-MARC?

The Curtin Monash Accident Research Centre (C-MARC) is a road safety research centre, which was established in 2009. Initially supported by the State Government of Western Australia, C-MARC represents a significant partnership between Curtin University and Monash University’s renowned Accident Research Centre.

Recognising that WA has unique safety issues, C-MARC has been established to:

  • conduct research into the causes of road trauma in WA;
  • identify new, and evaluate existing, safety measures for WA;
  • research the prevention of injuries;
  • research improvements to occupational safety;
  • provide information to government, industry and the public to reduce trauma in WA; and
  • develop a strong, local research capacity in this vital area.

 C-MARC brings together the latest findings and practices from WA, from Australia generally and from around the world to ensure the best advice is available for successful action.


C-MARC undertakes research to reduce the consequences of crashes and other injury events. Initially this research is to improve road safety.

C-MARC researches a variety of topics, and many research projects are multi-disciplinary. This research requires a diversity of perspectives and skills. So, C MARC collaborates with others in Faculty of Health Sciences, other faculties and other individuals and organisations.

C-MARC actively promotes its research outcomes for practical application in government industry and the general community, and is a proactive public voice in promoting safety and reducing the consequences of accidents.

Research Areas

C-MARC's research will change over time as projects are completed and in response to emerging safety issues affecting WA.

Road safety research is not a single discipline academically. In practice, accident and safety research requires many different disciplines, often collaborating on the same project. Key disciplines include:

  • engineering;
  • injury prevention;
  • human factors;
  • economics;
  • public health;
  • occupational safety;
  • education & marketing;
  • legal & regulation;
  • enforcement; and
  • technology.

Skills and Capacity

Much of the research program is carried out by scientists employed at either Curtin or Monash universities, thereby optimising the collective expertise across a range of disciplines. A nucleus of full-time staff are being recruited to form the backbone of WA expertise, to take the State into the future. C-MARC currently has access to a wide variety of research skills including:

  • psychological perspectives;
  • evaluation;
  • general transport safety analysis;
  • health links to transport safety;
  • traffic and transport engineering;
  • epidemiology;
  • strategic assessment and planning;
  • policy development;
  • land transport perspectives; and
  • economic analysis.