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Curtin University
C-MARC: Curtin Monash Accident Research Centre

Injury Prevention Program of Research

car crash
  • The DIAMOND Study: Diverging Diamond Interchanges in Western Australia: PerforMance ON a Driving Simulator
    Meuleners L, Logan D, Roberts P, Chow K.
    Funder: Neurotrauma Research Program.
  • Driving performance and self-regulation among older drivers with bilateral cataract: a prospective cohort study
    Meuleners L, Keay L, Young M, Ng J, Morlet N, McCluskey P.
    Funder: Australian Research Council (ARC) Discovery Grant
  • Safer cycling and the urban road environment
    Stevenson M, Johnson M, Oxley J, Meuleners L, Gabbe B, Rose G, Dill J, Katz R, Moyses D, Bartels J, Nieuwesteeg M, Bourke P
    Funder: Australian Research Council Linkage Grant
  • Dementia and hospitalisations due to an injury: a population based study
    Meuleners, L
    Funder: Alzheimer’s Australia
  • Understanding the impact of cataract vision impairment on risk of falls
    Keay L, Meuleners L, McCluskey P, Ng J, Morlet N
    Funder: National Health and Medical Research Council
  • Electronic advertising billboards: a driver distraction study
    Meuleners L, Roberts P
    Funder: Main Roads WA