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Curtin University
C-MARC: Curtin Monash Accident Research Centre

Road Safety Council Baseline Program of Research

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2016/17 Projects:

  • Illicit drugs and driving: A three-year update of fatalities and traffic offences
    Researcher: Palamara P
  • The application of a proxy measures to estimate the involvement of fatigue in Western Australian motor vehicle crashes
    Researcher: Palamara P
  • Development of new strategic directions for the automated traffic enforcement program in WA
    Researcher: Newstead S
  • The effect of alcohol availability on road crashes at varying distances from the Central Business District in Perth, Australia from 2005 to 2015
    Researcher: Hobday M
  • eMETS – Enhanced road safety modelling - Mid-term review of “Towards Zero” road safety strategy, 2008-2020 - Stage 2
    Researcher: Logan D
  • Aboriginal Road Safety: A review of issues, interventions, and needs in Western Australia
    Researcher: Brameld K

2014/15 Projects:

  • Countering the effect of remoteness and distance on motor vehicle injury outcomes
    Researcher: Newstead S
  • In-depth analysis of pedestrian serious injury collisions
    Researchers: Oxley J, Meuleners L
  • Measuring the impact of law enforcement interaction with road users
    Researcher: Palamara P
  • An investigation of the relationship between criminal behaviour, serious traffic offences and crashes: phase one
    Researcher: Palamara P
  • Enhanced road safety modelling: eMETS
    Researcher: Logan D

2013/14 Projects:

  • Speed Camera Program Evaluation
    Researcher:  Newstead S
  • Drug Incidence in Road Crashes
    Researchers:  Palamara P, Broughton M